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Is Your New Home
Move-In Ready?

Find out with new home
inspections in Bloomingdale & Chicago, IL

You might think that your newly built house is functional and problem-free, but that might not be the case. Construction mistakes happen, even in new homes. That's why new home inspections are a key tool for making sure your new home is ready for your family.

You can schedule new build inspection services in Bloomingdale or Chicago, IL to make sure your home isn't hiding any issues. Carlen Home Inspections will examine your home to find problems that the builders might have missed. You'll have peace of mind knowing the condition of your house before you take your first step inside.

Call 630-733-8000 now for new build inspection services in the Bloomingdale or Chicago, IL area.

How our process works

When you're looking forward to moving into your new house, the last thing you want is delays. Carlen Home Inspections uses a simple process that makes it easy to fit new home inspections into your schedule. Our inspector will...

Visit your newly built home at a time that works for you
Perform a non-invasive visual assessment of your entire home
Give you a detailed report of any potential problems or defects

You'll be able to request fixes before you move in and discover issues with your new home. Set up an inspection by contacting us now.